Our History

Since its establishment at the foot of the Atlantic Causeway Bridge in 1981, the historic Channel Marker Restaurant has become a staple in the minds of locals and tourists alike. Nestled just west of the Morehead City Waterfront, the Channel Marker’s well-known location was originally home to a local lunch and breakfast eatery, Flemming’s Restaurant, which thrived during the 1950’s. When Flemming’s closed its doors in the late 1970’s, local Bob Griffith saw an opportunity to use the vacant property to provide residents and visitors with an unbeatable dining experience in a refined, yet relaxing, atmosphere... and so, the Channel Marker was born.

After several years of providing patrons with such an experience, owner Bob Griffith made longtime friend, Billy Hales, a partner to help him operate the successful business. In the coming years, as the Channel Marker continuously lived up to its famed reputation, the ownership team grew to include Bob’s family, Billy’s family, Roger Crowe & Bill Downey.

Today, the Channel Marker still offers the same enjoyable, uncompromising experience for diners as it did when it was first established—delicious cuisine to please the palate and beautiful views to pleasure the mind. Diners are still welcomed by land or sea, with many opting to finish off an enjoyable day of boating by docking and dining at the Channel Marker. In addition to providing the perfect dining experience for couples or families, the classic, yet sophisticated atmosphere of the Channel Marker makes it ideal for large parties, business events and functions, or weddings, with high quality on-site or off-site catering to match.

Since the founding of the Channel Marker, the ownership team has taken great pride in being a part of the timeless Atlantic Beach history that has served as a home and vacationing spot to so many throughout the years. To aid in the upkeep and continued growth of the Carteret County and Atlantic Beach communities, the Channel Marker donates a portion of its earnings annually to community projects within the area.